The Human Design Chart Explained: Conscious vs. Unconscious

Did you know that your Human Design chart is comprised of both conscious & unconscious energies?

When you look at your chart, there is a black column on the right, and a red column on the left.

The right side (in black), is conscious- your Personality.

This is the aspect of yourself that you identify with and believe yourself to be.

Think of it as your soul, or your psyche.

The left side (in red) is unconscious – your Design, or your body.

This is your ancestral inheritance, and a part of yourself that you have no control over.

Human Design Chart Explained: Conscious vs. Unconscious

So how do these two aspects fit together?

That’s where the Magnetic Monopole comes in.

The Magnetic Monopole (which only attracts) is located in our G Center, and it holds our Personality & our Design together in relationship (much a like marriage of two incompatible individuals).

The problem is that we tend to think that our Personality/mind (conscious energy) is running the show, but that’s not actually true.

Human Design shows us the parts of ourselves that we otherwise wouldn’t be aware of, AND shows us their role.

Our Design & Magnetic Monopole are actually responsible for our direction in life. 

Our Personality is actually meant to observe & enjoy the ride- it’s not in charge.

Think of it like a self-driving car: our body is the vehicle, and the personality is simply a passenger. Our Design (coupled with the Magnetic Monopole) knows exactly where to go.

It’s when we allow our Personality to run the show that we struggle so much with resistance in life.

This is why learning & implementing our Strategy & Authority are so important. It allows us to surrender to our Design, instead of our Personality dictating our life. 

While it does require time & commitment, living our design will allow us to live out our purpose naturally

Tell me in the comments where you are in your journey!

Are you experimenting with your Strategy & Authority yet?

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