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Soul Alignment & empowerment coach

Spiritual Teacher & Leader

Become who you REALLY are, at a Soul level. Work with your Human Design (your unique energetic blueprint) to step into your most radiant, fulfilled self.

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About Me

Soul Alignment & Empowerment Coach

Spiritual Teacher & Leader

Hi! My name is Tricia, and I’m a Soul Alignment & Empowerment Coach. I help women become more of who they really are, at a Soul level- giving them a deeper sense of identity, spiritual connection, confidence & purpose. By incorporating the Human Design System (an individualized energetic blueprint that is unique to each person) into my coaching process, my clients are empowered to transform their lives -from the inside out- in less time.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher in traditional Usui Reiki and Holy Fire III Reiki, Reiki training is provided by request. Group & individual classes available.

Now for a more personal introduction, read my candid story below.

I could tell you about all the trainings I’ve done (and there’s a ton!), that’s really not what makes me valuable.
And it’s not what makes me a good teacher.
It’s my experience- the things I’ve worked through & learned in my own life.
That’s how I really “know” the material.
Not from learning it from cognitively.
But from embodying it, knowing it as truth in my heart & soul.
So if you’re curious as to what that is, I’d love to share it with you. <3

True spirituality came into my life when I felt like I couldn’t survive anymore (newborn twins, a toddler, and severe postpartum anxiety will do that to ya!).
It was the catalyst I needed to wake me the eff up.
And prior to that I would’ve told you that was happy, fulfilled, all of it.
Because I thought I was.
I didn’t know what I didn’t know, if that makes sense.
Through the haze of wanting to heal the postpartum & sleep-deprived fog, true Grace found me.
I started to really heal (and truth- a lot of healing isn’t pretty! But definitely worth it).
For the first time in my life I started to really SEE myself, for who I am.
Not for who the world told me I was. Not for who I thought I was.
But my Soul, y’all.
And it was both a painful, but liberating process.
Undoing years and years of mind drama- about what I believed to be true about myself, the world, and even God.
I could finally accept myself, unconditionally- something I had never been able to do before.
As I freed myself from so many of these “invisible chains”, I started offering to help other people.
Just because I was so amazed by the results, and it was truly fun to introduce other people to the methods I had learned & used on myself.

One day, I felt this call to reach out to someone who had let us down professionally.
They were going through a really tough time, so I simply offered to do some energy healing for them if they were interested (for free, obvi).
And not only did they accept the offer, but they experienced tremendous relief from the session - and they’d never even heard of this work before!
This person asked for my business info & rates, because they wanted to send their family & friends to me.
And that’s how my business was born, y’all —> simply by going where I was lead.
And immediately after this experience, I was “randomly” connected with a small business owner where I was able to open my local healing space.
She is the sweetest person, and I’m so incredibly blessed to call her my friend.
This too was divinely orchestrated.
Everything just started to fall into place.
In the most unexpected of ways.

I have done the inner work.
The classes & trainings.
MORE inner work 😂
I have opened a business in a physical location.
I have taught classes & attended networking events locally.
I now have a fully online business model.
I have done ALL of this while being a “stay-at-home” mom.
I started my business as a full-time mom to 1-year old twins & a 3 year old.
We’ve never had childcare, babysitters, or any kind of regular help.
Oh, and my husband has a full-time professional career AND runs his own online business AND still rocks it as a family man.
And by the grace of God we have a healthy, happy marriage!
(And most recently, continued to run my biz through a series of terrifying events I had no control over. —> No one even knew. And even though I was scared, I was able to stay in a pretty good place personally & keep up with all the things. HUGE thanks my Soul fam who did know & was by side. I love you all tremendously!!)
Not gonna lie to ya- it hasn’t all been a walk in the park.
It has been hard work.
But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
I’m the happiest, most fulfilled, and most radiant that I have EVER been in my life. (And confident too 🔥💣)
It brings me pure JOY to be on this path.
To be lead by the infinite intelligence of the Universe.
To know that I am safe, supported & guided in my work, and life in general.
To answer the call to help other women step into their own path, in the way that is just right for them.

So in a nutshell, that’s my story, and why I’m not afraid to say I’m here to help.
If you read allll this, I thank you 😉
And I’d love to hear your story too 💗


1:1 VIP Coaching

This work blends together EVERYTHING I know about energy healing, the Human Design System, and spiritual life coaching to bring about deep, lasting change. You will learn how to energetically align with your Soul, as you discover who you REALLY are. Tap into your intuition, and live a life of passion & purpose!

Sacred Rising Mastermind

Community. Education. Connection. Experience. 

THE high-vibe container for transformation, sisterhood, expansion, and collaboration! 
A one-of-a-kind Mastermind for spiritual women to grow, learn & serve simultaneously!

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Soul Activation Sessions

This is a 60 minute deep-dive analysis of your Human Design chart. Learn about your energy type, how to tap into your intuition, and more!

Thrive: An Experience in HD

A group course where you will re-learn what it means to be YOU, and finally understand how to move through the world in an unencumbered, and authentic way. As you uncover the truth of who you are, you become empowered to make choices from the place of confidently knowing what is right for you. No more wondering who you are & why you’re here. We are literally going to hack your energetic system, so you can work with your energy rather than fighting against it!



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Community. Education. Connection. Experience.

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